How to Identify a Genuine Used Phone.


How to Identify a Genuine Used Phone.

The last thing you want is getting a faulty/fake phone or getting scammed when shopping for a smartphone.

Looking to upgrade your mobile device before stepping into the new year? This post is for you.

Money is often not easy to come by, and many of us have to work long hours to earn tangible income. Now that you have decided to invest some of your hard-earned money into purchasing a used smartphone, the last thing you want is falling into the hands of scammers or buying a fake/faulty phone.

Purchasing a used smartphone can be dicey, but getting the right tips on how to identify a genuine one will help you make the right decision.

We have created this post to help you get the best bang for your buck.

Ask for Warranty

Never buy a smartphone if the seller does not assure you of a warranty. A warranty is simply an agreement that states that the phone can be returned for replacement if you discover a fault during the duration of the warranty which can be anywhere between 3 months - 1 year, based on the seller. Also, make sure that the warranty duration is clearly stated on your receipt.

See examples of some phones with a warranty.

Check Phone OS

This is a key identifier. You don’t want to be seeing an android OS in an iPhone, and vice-versa. To see the OS, simply go to settings, and navigate to ‘About Phone’. Once you find the OS version of the phone, run a google search and ensure that the OS is listed on the phone manufacturer’s site

Check IMEI Number

This is the good old trick. Simply dial *#06# on your phone’s dial pad. This should display 14/15 digits on the screen starting with 35. If it doesn’t, the phone isn’t genuine.

Check Apps

This one is simple. Ensure that the apps on the menu don’t display some weird Chinese writings. Eg up to 5 apps displaying weird Chinese language.

Verify Seller

Ensure that the seller is legit, and has some digital footprint. Run a google search on them, ensure they have a website. Also, check social media, make sure they have a social media page that is active.

Most importantly, when you receive your mobile phone, test it rigorously. Test the speaker and mouthpiece by making a call, check to see that it can connect to the internet, look out for abnormalities. See a list of genuine used phones on promo sale right now

Buy9ja Is Your Safest Option When Shopping For Used Smartphones.

Buy9ja is better than your regular vendors in computer village, and online market places with multiple vendors selling used smartphones, and the reason is simple….. We are responsible and accountable for every smartphone we sell to you for a period of 3 months.

Why you should buy Used Smartphones from Buy9ja?

Why should you trust Buy9ja with your hard-earned money when you need to buy a used phone?

Shipped From Verified Factories Around The World

Our used smartphones are shipped from top authorized resellers worldwide. This is important because, when buying a smartphone, especially iPhones and Android devices, you want to be sure that it is from a verified seller, and not stolen or unverified.

Unique Test Report for Each Smartphone

Every used smartphone is unique. At Buy9ja, we have test factories specifically for checking every used smartphone before selling them to consumers. This comprehensive test includes the following:

Screen Test

This checks for the durability of the screen, its response to touch and the screen condition (for fluid and debris within).

Battery Test

This checks the health of the battery and ensures that it lasts long, and charges normally.

Hardware Test

This test ensures that all the internal, and external parts such as speakers, mouthpiece, and internal ICs etc. of the phone are complete.

Functionality Test

We have experts use the phone to assess its functionality. Basically, we test every single function to ensure that they work well. We test functions such as calls, browsing, camera, music player, utility apps (calculator) etc.

Past User Report

As a buyer, you get a report of the phone’s history. How long the phone has been in use, where the last buyer used it, and the country it was manufactured.

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Sample of a used phone’s report

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