Replacement Policy


We ensure our customers get value for their money. All defective products are open for replacement within a 7 days window.


1. Repackage The Product

Ensure the item is still in the original packaging material with the Accessories, label and tag still intact.


2. Send a Video Evidence

Fill in the form at  with a video evidence and submit it.


3. Await Response

Wait for 24/48 hours. For replacement confirmation message



My replacement was declined why?

The replacement may be declined when the product is not in its original packaging or has been damaged  

Can I return if my item is outside the warranty period?

No return would not be accepted outside its approved time 




1. Products in the Beauty and Health category are ineligible for replacement or return


2. Product with tampered or missing serial Product Code numbers.


3. Damaged Product

4.Pls Note that Packages are to be paid for before opening.