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100 % Boys cotton polo

Must be washed with cold water, and can not pull hard, easy to cause deformation of clothes.2、The main characteristics of cotton clothing is comfortable to wear, breathable, sweat-absorbent, harmless to the human body, cotton dyeing performance is better, and the color of cotton T-shirt, will be a little faded, darker is more obvious.3、When washing should be separated from other clothes, and the soaking time is not too long. Evenly adjust the detergent and solution, then soak the clothes, otherwise the clothes will be uneven in color.4、Summer clothes are relatively thin, and the cotton wrinkle resistance is not very good, the best water temperature when washing daily 30 degrees - 35 degrees, soak a few minutes, but not too long.5、After washing, should not be wrung out, cool in the cool and ventilated place, do not expose to sunlight, so as not to fade.6、Cotton T-shirts are mostly single-collar, relatively thin, you should avoid using a brush when washing, do not use force, when the sun is drying, the body and collar are well organized to avoid external tilt. The neckline of the clothes should not be washed horizontally. Do not wring out after washing and dry directly.