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2 Way Beaded USB Bracelet Charging & Data Cord (Android and iPhone)


Beaded USB Bracelet Charging & Data Cord

That feeling when your phone battery is red with only 5% left. And your day is far from over. That fear and anxiety is very real, wouldn’t you agree? With our Beaded Charging Bracelet, you don’t have to be anxious over your battery running low anymore. Combining the best of technology and creativity, this accessory is more useful than your average bracelet. It will never run out of style and then, you can charge your phone whenever and wherever you are!


This unisex Beaded Bracelet is not only fashionable, but can also data sync and charge simultaneously to your iPhone and iPad through USB 2.0 and lightning connector. This makes it a very convenient and versatile accessory. All you have to do is disconnect the ends and you’ll have a 24cm long charger that you can plug into any USB port. With this bracelet, you’ll never be without the ability to charge your phone ever again. It gives most of us peace of mind to know that we won’t have to worry about low batteries and we can stay always connected to our social media page.



Output: 5V/2.1A MAX

Length: 24 Centimeter

Charge and sync your phone or device using the Micro USB connector on cable and plug the USB  connector into a laptop, desktop, power bank, or USB wall charger.

Connector-type: USB, Micro USB, USB 2.0

Cable Type:  Micro USB

iPhone Compatible: For Apple iPhone 5 and above


  • This USB Charger Bracelet is the most portable charger. You can wear it on your wrist as a fashionable bangle, or just keep in your bag or pocket.
  • It is made from high quality environmental friendly material, making it comfortable to wear in the hands.
  • The bracelet is fashionable, and the unisex design can go with anything. You also never have to worry about your phone dying at anytime.