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Baby Cup and Spoon

Mash up fruit and steamed veggies easily, create fresh, healthy baby food for your from your home or on the go: Prep, mash, store, and feed all from the same bowlThe textured interior makes for efficient pureeing to your ideal consistency for baby Microwave safe, Dishwasher safe and BPA free;
Prep, mix, store and feed, the bowl has textured interior for efficient pureeing to ideal consistency

The inner ridges of the bowl ensure easy mashing and its compact size is just right for individual baby portions. 

Before first use and for every subsequent use wash all parts in hot water, we recommend using a Baby Cleanser which is based on natural ingredients and effectively removes food residues more effectively than soapy water alone.

Alternatively, wash with washing up liquid or in a dishwasher. Under no circumstances use corrosive or aggressive cleaning agents.


This Food Masher & Bowl is perfect for use at home or out and about. For instant baby food, simply mash banana, avocado, peach or pear on its own or with a little breast or formula milk.