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Cussons Baby Soap


Product details

Cussons Baby Soft & Smooth Soap is designed to gently smoothen your baby’s skin. Enriched with baby lotion and almond oil to help nourish your baby’s skin, giving them soothing effect. In the early stages of your baby’s life, they only need a cleanser and on their delicate, newborn skin. The Soft & Smooth soap is designed to totally clean your baby’s skin without any skin reaction. It is paraben free and the almond oil combination helps smoothen your baby’s skin and gives that plumby and silky feel.

The Cussons baby Soft & Smooth  soap has a mild formulation and is dermatologically tested to moisturize and correctly formulated your baby’s dermis and epidermis. It also clears off all kinds of dirt from the surface of your baby’s skin, ensuring a smooth and silk hair growth. Your baby’s soap choice through their formative years goes a long way in determining the freshness of their skin as they grow. Choose the Cussons baby soft & smooth for a gentle and radiant glowing skin.  

  • Baby soap to keep skin radiant & glowing

  • Has a mild formulation that gives baby’s skin that long lasting protection

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Paraben Free

  • Classic baby fragrance