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LED Chain Watch + Beaded Android USB Bracelet


Beaded Android USB Bracelet

This stunning beaded bracelet conceals in its clasp a USB cord for Android. Easy to use and as mobile as you are, this USB bracelet cord is the perfect accessory for you.
  • Supports charge and transfer data sync simultaneously With standard USB 2.0 interface
  • Can transfer faster and more convenient 8 Pin port for all Android Type-C smartphones.

LED Chain Watch 

The look of the watch is such that you can pair it up with any outfit for Men & Women this eternal timepiece is designed for all those men and women, who prefer to stay expeditiously fashionable.

Crafted with the finest interiors, this multi-functional watch will serve you better than the ordinary analog or digital watches.

The watch is incorporated within the bracelet, to give it twin looks of the bracelet as well as serve as a watch.

This watch features a premium wrist bracelet, which is made of premium high-quality material. The artistic design of this watch makes a perfect balance between elegance and simplicity.