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Libowei S10 20000mAh High Capacity Power bank - White & Black


New 20000mAh Mobile Power Libowei S10 Customized 20000mAH High-capacity Power Bank 

Brand - Libowei S10


Standard capacity: 20000mAh (real standard power supply)   

Battery specifications: high-quality A-product polymer digital batteries

Charging mode: CC/CV (constant current-constant voltage)     

Input power: 5V/1.5A     

Output power: 5V/2.1A/2.1A

Size: 145*68*33mm   

Colours: White

Battery life: charge and discharge cycles ≥ 500 times 

Shell material: ABS+PC fireproof shell + frosted fine grain process

Scope of application

Design parameters such as voltage and current fully comply with international standards 

Function - USB device universal power bank


Exclusive private film the shape conforms to the ergonomic principle, the environmentally friendly fireproof shell, and the feel is comfortable. Built-in ternary high-density polymer batteries, longer cycle life. 2A input 2A output dual USB protection board, safe and intelligent identification circuit, iPhone 7, 8, X and other mobile phones can speed up more than 40 %, in line with the new national standard mobile power standard, 100% real standard. 300+300 v nest paper box, EVA inner support, original style design, exquisite and high-grade