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Rechargeable Portable Clip-on Selfie Ring Light Fill Ring Light for iPhone Android Smart Phone Photography, Camera Video, Girl Makes up-White and Black

SKU: selfie22414

The photo is not bright enough when you are taking photos in back-lighting;

2: Your friends can not see you clearly when you put your interesting photos took in daily life into your friend circles;

3: It is useless when your smart phone is without selfie light even though you make up yourself very charming. With this Selfie Ring Light, you will be able to take great selfies in dark areas or whenever naturallight is not available.

This LED selfie ring light is design for selfie lover. When you put the fill-light clamp over the cell phone, tablet, iPad and turn it on, you could take better photos or videos with available light.

Main features:
3 Levels of Brightness & 32 LED Bulbs
USB Rechargeable
Portable & Light Weight
Easy to Use
Universal Compatibility
Take Selfies Anywhere( dark night clubs, parties, camping etc. )

Easy to use:
Clip the selfie light to top of cellphone, as it has the charger inside,no need to install AAA batteries
Press the switch button to start selfie.
When power off, just insert the cable to usb input for charging.