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Ring Phone Holder

  • PHONE HOLDER - Phone ring holder is a perfect solution to place your mobile phone anywhere you want, to watch videos, listen to music, make a video call.
  • ELEGANT and PRACTICAL DESIGN - This finger grip ring has a sophisticated and elegant design that makes your smartphone look more attractive. The handy, drop-free grip provides a sense of security when you are actively engaged with your phone.
  • EASY TO USE: It can convenient take photos or use all the functions of slide mobile and tablet PC with one hand.
  • VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY - This ring holder doubles as a kickstand for hands-free viewing on flat table/desk surfaces. Convenient and safe grip to prevent dropping device and control device while you are operating Phone and taking pictures.
  • DURABLE: It can be used many times, just put the paste surface to the water, then clean and dry it, thus adhesion force can recover.