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Z15 Smartwatch Bluetooth Fitness bracelet Heart Rate Blood Pressure Smart Watches

SKU: SB-Z15-Black

Lightweight and small square screen
* 40g Lightweight design / Multifunctional sports
* 1.69 - inch high-definition large screen
* 7 days long battery life

Large screen full touch

The 2.5D curved surface clearly displays every detail and the rounded corner window is more harmonious , which perfectly creates a unique visual beauty .Full touch and free operation , with the new UI allowing you to slide more freely

40g lightweight designPut it on your hand , gentlyToo light to forget its existence

It is an ultra-light body designed for long-term wear , so you can concentrate on running , working and even resting

Handy in daily lifeManagement is on your wrist

24 / 7 assistant , as long as you want to lift your wrist lightly

Retina Display screen

Well-designed large display, high touch, wide viewing angle, scratch-proof and explosion-proof

Light and colorful Exquisite

Luxurious materials and exquisite craftsmanship. The watch body is small and light, comfortable and elegant

Real-time tracking of activities throughout the day

Daily activities such as steps ,calories , active hours distance exercise time etc . are measuredaround the clock , every bit counts

I will always pay attention your heart rate changes

Through the green light sensor , the blood flow under the skin is analyzed and the heart rate is displayed in real time to avoid excessive heart rate caused by unreasonable exercise

Massive exquisite dial Choose what you love

Abundant dials , after connecting to the mobile phone software , you can choose you from the management , the style dials you like , more choices , do whatever you want

Smart reminder Convenient Life assistant

Messages, emails, calendars, weather, alarms, social applications, real-time reminders of new information, important information is not missed, many intimate small functions are responsible for life

Intelligent sports system For you who love sports

Independent exercise mode and real-time heart rate detection during exercise, intelligent science will lead you to explore a healthier life

Powerful all-day exercise record

G sensor The sensor calculates exercise data and records your exercise data 24/7. Automatically monitor exercise pedometer, intelligently calculate walking distance and calorie consumption. A new sports experience allows us to live a healthy life

Take care of sleep and add vitality

A good sleep will make your life and work the next day more comfortable . Through sleep monitoring , light sleep and deep water can be displayed to help you Understand the quality of sleep

IP67 Waterproof Accompany you anytime

Wear it without restraint , you can use it when you sweat swim or get in the rain . Meet your daily needs

30 Days of low power consumption

Low-function color screen, performance upgrade up to 30 days on a single charge