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Zealot B19 Wireless Headphone


B19 Wireless Headphone is not just a headset‎.‎ It provides high‎? fidelity sound with high‎? quality speakers and sound chambers‎.‎ With FM Radio functionality‎,‎ it scans‎,‎ receives, and saves FM Channels‎.‎ It also functions as a music player that can be used when running‎,‎ cycling, or playing other sports‎.‎

It supports 3 formats‎:‎ MP3‎,‎ WMA, and WAV‎.‎ When equipped with an audio cable‎,‎ it can be used as a wired earphone‎.‎ You can play music from the memory‎.‎ It also has a SD card slot ‎.‎

It uses a practical and replaceable battery that can be used for 10 hours of continuous listening‎.‎ Specifications Active chip read card/play system Audio mode‎:‎ compatible with MP3‎,‎WMA‎,‎WAV formats Frequency Range of the receiver‎:‎ 76~108MHz S/N ratio‎:‎>90dB THD